It’s been 7 years since the original launch of Zeebo Relief, the blue white placebo pills with the zeebo logo printed on each capsule. Zeebo Relief, the original honest placebo had an amazing ride, used in many clinical studies, we were amazed to find two randomized clinical trials published in Nature and the Journal for Pain, showing substantial benefits for lower back pain relief, as well as stress and anxiety. While the Zeebo Team believes that that the branded Zeebo logo printed on each capsule enhances the overall placebo effect, we have listened to many consumer and researcher requests for an unmarked, white Zeebo pill. So here you go: we just released Zeebo Imagine in a white bottle with a label to inspire our customers to create the intention they want to call in with intentionally taking a placebo. Imagine taking Zeebo to tap into your mind’s potential to increase stamina, muscle mass, endurance, concentration, focus, rest, sleep, or to boost performance and libido. Please contact us to order larger quantities of Zeebo Imagine, or order a container of 45 white placebo pills on amazon

Zeebo Imagine White Placebo Pills