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The Zeebo Effect

  • Honest Placebo Pills, brought to you by Zeebo
  • You are the active ingredient
  • Design your own placebo experience, focus on concentration power, clarity, calm, symptom relief
  • Zeebo Relief is an integrated solution – also get the free Zeebo Symptom Tracking app
  • 45 light-blue Zeebo-brand capsules in a beautiful bottle sealed with a high-end silver-metal cap

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Design Your Zeebo Experience

  1. Focus on one symptom.
  2. Describe what you expect from taking Zeebo.
  3. Define when to take Zeebo.

Experience Zeebo

  1. Track the symptom before and after taking Zeebo.
  2. Take Zeebo several times to gather enough information.
  3. Assess your experience with Zeebo and make design changes as needed.

Get the Free Zeebo App

For iPhone, Android, Kindle

Tracks your experience when taking remedies for short term effect,
the app also comes with its own virtual placebo pill.

Zeebo RELIEF – Honest Placebo Pills designed to help you create a safe experience on your path to well-being. When it comes to Zeebo, YOU are the active ingredient. Take the Zeebo placebo pills by themselves or together with the free Zeebo Symptom Tracking app. Look for the ebook “The  Guide to Placebos” to learn more about how to create your own honest placebo experience. Do not use Zeebo to delay or replace medical treatment.*