The Zeebo Effect

  • Honest Placebo Pills, brought to you by Zeebo
  • You are the active ingredient
  • Design your own placebo experience, focus on concentration power, clarity, calm, symptom relief
  • Clinical trials for pain and stress relief published in Nature, and Journal for Pain
  • 45 light-blue Zeebo-brand capsules 

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Zeebo Imagine Nature
Zeebo Imagine Nature

Zeebo® Imagine, all natural placebo

 This Pure Honest Placebo™ container comes with 45 white unmarked vegetarian capsules filled with natural Microcrystalline Cellulose.

New Honest Placebo: Placebo Tablets by Zeebo® Effect

Zeebo Placebo Tablets individual tablets
Zeebo Imagine Nature
Zeebo Placebo Tablets

Zeebo® Tablets, the only ethical placebo tablets

The only honest placebo tablets available to consumers. This Placebo Tablets container comes with 45 white placebo tablets made 100% from natural Microcrystalline Cellulose. Each tablet features the Ze logo to mark original product and highest manufacturing quality.

Take a placebo pill with intention to call in a desired result

  1. Describe what you expect from taking Zeebo, for example, relief of back pain.
  2. When taking the Zeebo placebo pill remind yourself of your intention.

Take a placebo pill to reproduce a resourceful state of body and mind

  1. Take a Zeebo pill when you are in a desired state of mind to anker this state.
  2. Repeat the first step on several occasions to create a strong connection.
  3.  When you want to re-create the desired state in an instance, take the placebo again.