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We designed the Zeebo® brand to tap into the subconscious power of your mind and body. Pure Honest Placebo™ Buy placebo pills from Zeebo

Peer Reviewed Published Research using Zeebo®

Short-Term Low Back Pain Relief with Zeebo®, Randomized Controlled Trial

American Family Physician Zeebo for Lower Back Pain
Nature Placebo Study

Stress Relief and Student Performance with Zeebo®, Randomized Controlled Trial

Nature Placebo Study

What are Zeebo Customers saying


I have to admit that … I really didn’t believe in Zeebo placebo pills… So after a few days I was surprised to realize that it was actually working for me!!



I used Zeebo to draw my attention to healthy eating habits. Taking the pill and logging it in the app distracted me from mindless eating.


A big part of ridding ourselves of our ailments is to take control over them. Zeebo is kind of weird, but in a mysterious way, empowering.



I take Zeebo placebo pills for occasional headaches. Several times now I took a Zeebo and that was all that I needed.


Why should I buy placebo pills from Zeebo Effect?


People who take Zeebo pills know Zeebo is free of active ingredients. Zeebo mainly contains Microcrystalline Cellulose.


Zeebo touches your heart and mind. Zeebo pills complement your care. The Zeebo tracking app provides insight.


The Zeebo® brand is designed to increase trust in your body’s power to help itself. Trust Zeebo®, trust your Self.

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For a limited time, get useful insights into modern placebo concepts and usage for free:

In every moment of our life, mind and body interact in a myriad of subtle ways. Yet, our perception of this dynamic is rather crude: we either believe our mind has absolute control over our body (e.g., reach for the coffee mug) or we believe we do not have any body control at all (e.g., the body produces symptoms). Recently, however, scientists from various disciplines have conducted insightful studies showing that the sensations of our mind, such as thoughts, emotions, and complex experiences, can affect our health in very specific ways. The skillful design of experiences is now being recognized as a valid field of research for restoring and maintaining health.

In The Placebo Cure, the scientist turned entrepreneur Uwe Heiss shares with us what he learned form Quantified Self experiments and from encounters with physicians, patients, meditators, Silicon Valley innovators, placebo researchers. He also draws from 20 years of experience with launching healthcare startups focused on patient empowerment.

The Placebo Cure shows us the immense potential offered by intentionally designed experiences to affect our mind and health. With a mission of healthcare transformation at its core, The Placebo Cure aims to bring about a paradigm shift that redefines how we will relate to patients and to ourselves and expands the scope of medicine beyond the conventional scalpel and biochemical drug.

FAQ – Why buy placebo pills from Zeebo Effect?

How do I take Zeebo?
Before taking Zeebo, make sure it’s safe. Do not use Zeebo to delay or replace medical treatment.*

Design your Zeebo experience:

  1. Focus on one symptom.
  2. Describe what you expect from taking Zeebo.
  3. Define when to take Zeebo.

Experience Zeebo:

  1. Track the symptom before and after taking Zeebo.
  2. Take Zeebo several times to gather enough information.
  3. Assess your experience with Zeebo and make design changes as needed.
Does Zeebo work for me?
The way to know if you respond to the Zeebo experience is to try it out. Always take Zeebo in a safe way.*
What is special about Zeebo?
Zeebo is a unique solution to promote well-being. We created a branded pill-taking experience and combined it with a unique tracking app.

You are in control, because you will

– create your own pill-taking experience that is safe and is grounded in a powerful product and brand design

– track and become aware of how well you respond to the Zeebo experience

What is in Zeebo capsules?
We use an inert filler called microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). MCC is pure, natural fiber. Design is a key element in your Zeebo experience, so a very small amount of food colorants (Red #1 and Blue #3) is used to give Zeebo gelatin capsules their perfect look. All ingredients are sourced from and processed by certified manufacturers in the USA.

FAQ – Honest, Pure, Branded Placebo Pills

Why Honest?
Open or honest placebos are a new concept. A person who takes an honest placebo pill knows it only contains inert ingredients. There is no deceit involved. There are several studies published on taking honest placebo in a safe setting.
Why Pure?
Historically, sugar has often been used as a filler for placebos (sugar-pills). However, sugar is somewhat of an active ingredient, so it can cause problems for people with, for example, diabetes. Fillers in pure placebo capsules are inert—they pass through the body without much interaction.
Why Branded?
Today, brands play a tremendous role in the marketing of products and services. Brands convey meaning that reaches the subconscious. Branded Zeebo pills harvest the power of modern marketing to promote well-being. Each Zeebo pill was produced by a high-end manufacturer in the US. Zeebo pills come in the Zeebo brand color in light blue and white, with the Zeebo logo printed on the white section of the cap. Zeebo branded capsules are unique. Zeebo is The Healing Brand.

Zeebo® pills have been designed with much care. Each Zeebo® capsule shows the zeebo logo assuring you that it was produced in the USA following good manufacturing practice. Zeebo is halal and kosher certified. 

Uwe Heiss

Zeebo Founder, Master of Science ETH Zürich

How does it work?

How does it work?

Learn more about Zeebo® delivery

We deliver Zeebo® exclusively via Amazon. Join thousands of customers on a safer journey to well-being.

Learn more about Zeebo® delivery

We deliver Zeebo® exclusively via Amazon. Join thousands of customers on a safer journey to well-being.

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