Buy Zeebo Placebo Tablets, Placebo Pills for Clinical Research

Zeebo Placebo Tablets and Placebo pills for research are unmarked, they do not feature the Zeebo logo.  Custom production is available. Zeebo placebo pills and placebo tablets contain Microcrystalline Cellulose, an inert fiber. A Letter of Support and Certificate of Analysis are available for clinical studies. Our research support service ensures that our placebo pills and placebo tablets are tested for microbes and heavy metals, followed by annual stability testing. We supply identical product throughout your clinical study.

Placebo Order Sheet for Research

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Peer-reviewed research studies using Zeebo® placebo pills

Buy Placebo Tablets for Research

Zeebo® Placebo Pills and Placebo Tablets for Research

Request a quote for placebo pills or placebo tablets for research studies and clinical trials. For large orders we can custom manufacture placebo pills and placebo tablets. The CEO of Zeebo Effect LLC, Uwe Heiss, will provide a personalized Letter of Support for your application. 

Buy Placebo Tablets for Research

What does Zeebo® offer to research teams besides placebo pills and placebo tablets?

Custom Placebos

The Zeebo® production team designs and manufactures custom placebo pills and placebo tablets for your research study. Zeebo placebo pills for research have been reviewed by IRBs and used in clinical studies since 2014.  Minimum batch sizes apply.

Grant Applications

We provide you with a Letter of Support for your IRB (Institutional Review Board), Certificate of Analysis, description of our FDA registered production sites in the USA, sourcing of materials, and customer references. We reply in depth to information requests from your IRB . 

What is in Zeebo placebo pills?

We use an inert filler called microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). MCC is pure, natural fiber. A very small amount of food colorant is used in Zeebo capsules. The capsules are made from gelatine or vegetarian material.

What is in Zeebo placebo tablets?

Zeebo Placebo tablets consist only of an inert fiber, Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC). No other ingredient is used in the production of the white, round placebo tablets made by Zeebo. Our standard tablet is 250mg. 

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