Our new store image to help you with your decision to buy placebo pills features the Zeebo pill bottle and screenshots from our iPhone and Android symptom tracking app. This image of placebo pills and app explains at a glance how Zeebo is a solution that combines pure placebo pills and personal data to answer the question: “Does it work?”. The Zeebo model shows the way for how we should deliver and track dietary supplements as well as prescription medication. In any clinical area where the medical outcomes are patient symptoms, such as IBS issues, anxiety, depression, pain, ADHD, OAB, stress, erectile dysfunction we need to rely on the patient to tell us of they are getting better. That needs a systematic tracking system for medical symptoms.Patient Reported Outcomes tracking is at the core of Precision Medicine. And even if one takes dietary supplements to increase performance, one should also make an honest effort to assess to answer the question: “Does this supplement work for me?” Any one who is exposes themselves to ingestibles should make sure they receive a benefit. People who take dietary supplements to boost performance might do that for improving their score in a variety of sports such as biking, golfing, swimming, crossfit, track & field, baseball, basketball or weightlifting. Many professional and also amateur athletes give in to the temptation of (ab)using over the counter or even prescription drugs to enhance their performance. This is usually known as doping. Given that there are a number of health and ethical concerns with doping, one could argue that if a legal and safe way of enhancing performance is available, it should be tried first. Branded placebos work better. Pure placebos are safer. It is important to buy the best placebos. Placebos, systematically tracked, could be a safeguard against uncontrolled drug use and doping. The placebo effect in healthcare is real, widely accepted and desired. It is important to use placebos only to complement your care, and not to replace or delay care, of course. Placebos are like dietary supplements without the side effects relying only on our body’s own resources. And if you cannot resist the temptation of  entering the greyzone of doping, do yourself a favor and try a placebo first. You owe it to your health and integrity.