TIME Magazine just ran an excellent article on honest placebo. And it covers the Zeebo story with quotes from the Zeebo Effect founder Uwe Heiss. Needless to say the Zeebo team feels great about this recognition! We are working on a five year plan to establish Zeebo as the ethical placebo brand for healthcare. This is year four and we are on track! We still need all the support we can get. If you think you could become a Zeebo sponsor, let us know. We are excited about the next phase for Zeebo, the organization and you can help us shape Zeebo’s future. Short excerpt from the article People Are Now Taking Placebo Pills to Deal With Their Health Problems—And It’s Working

Uwe Heiss, a self-described placebo activist and health care transformer, also sells placebo pills online, but catering to adults. His blue and white pills are called Zeebo and contain no active ingredients. Heiss has been selling them since 2015 and says the company has sold “thousands” of bottles to consumers, health care providers and clinical trials studying open-label placebo. Still, Heiss is keeping the company going with his own funds and is looking for sponsors to continue production. He takes his own pills daily, for things like pain and stress relief. Each time he takes a placebo pill, he says, he tries to focus on an intention and describe it out loud. For example, if he’s taking a pill for back pain, he might say, “I am taking this pill to relieve my mind of the suffering from back pain.” He’s convinced it works and has written a book on the subject.