Zeebo® Placebo Tablets were launched two years ago in the US on amazon. Recently we expanded our online retail presence to Walmart. As of last week, CVS cleared its shelves of problematic decongestants, which are basically placebo with active ingredients & side effects, making space for, I want to suggest, pure honest placebo. CVS removing decongestant from shelves after FDA panel says it’s ineffective

Ted Kaptchuk’s last week’s opinion article in the New York Times makes an insightful case to create space for Honest Placebo in the face of the FDA’s latest advisory. No Better Than a Placebo unpacks the mystery of placebo and shows how honest placebo could be skillfully used in healthcare delivery. We are Zeebo Effect have been ready for a long time to provide a safe, pure, honest placebo tablets that can be ethically used. Soon after Ted Kaptchuk’s ground breaking open label study on IBS, published in 2010, we conceived the idea for Zeebo Effect. Zeebo® has now been established as the original placebo brand. Zeebo Effect is Placebo Effect. Our healthcare landscape needed that option.

Meanwhile, based on our safety track record of more than 10 years and many peer-reviewed publications with Zeebo, we started to supply clinical trials with standard, and custom placebo. We provide tablets and pills in conjunction with our research support services. While our research placebo is unmarked or features a custom design, our retail products typically carry the Zeebo logo, as it is the case with Zeebo® Placebo Tablets, our latest release:

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