Placebo Coaching with Uwe Heiss

Design Your Own Placebo Experience

In this 15 min conversation with the founder of Zeebo Effect, Uwe Heiss, you will work together to design a placebo experience tailored to your needs. Free of charge.
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Credentials Uwe Heiss – Placebo Coach

Uwe Heiss, MSc, is a scientist trained at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich ranks 5th in the world in engineering, science and technology). He founded several companies (LinkedIn profile) in the healthcare space of patient empowerment. He is the author of “The Placebo Cure – And Other Mind-Body Effects“. To deepen his placebo coaching practice he obtained a Hypnosis Practitioner license from the International Hypnosis Foundation.

Hypnosis Coaching Certificate Uwe Heiss