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Our Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for Zeebo Perform ends on August 5th!

Back our crowd-funding campaign at Indiegogo to produce the first batch of Zeebo® Perform. Only a few days are left. Make your contribution now and claim your perk.


Zeebo® is making history

Since we launched Zeebo® Relief we received wonderful feedback from our users who take it for many reasons. Zeebo® capsules contain only inactive ingredients, mainly a natural fiber called Microcrystalline Cellullose. Our users asked us to produce Zeebo® Perform. People will take Zeebo® Perform to

  • Avoid taking active ingredients
  • Tap into the power of their mind to enhance mental and physical performance
  • Explore mind-body effects for themselves


We need your pre-orders

Zeebo® Perform is produced in batches. We need your pre-orders to fund the first batch.


Help us launch the world’s first batch of Zeebo® Perform

We need safe options to allow people explore the placebo effect. Zeebo® Perform is unique

  • Industrial strength brand design
  • Custom color red/white capsules with Zeebo® logo on white cap
  • Familiar form factor for getting serious about performance
  • Halal and Kosher Certified


We need to raise at least $10,000

If we stay below our goal we will send you two bottles of Zeebo® Relief for every bottle of Zeebo® Perform you ordered.