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Find FAQs about Zeebo here. For information on placebo studies, visit the website of The Consumer Guide to Placebos .

Do not use Zeebo to delay or replace medical treatment.*
What is an honest placebo pill?

Open or honest placebos are a new concept. A person who takes an honest placebo pill knows it is a placebo. There is no deceit—the placebo is labeled “Placebo”. A honest placebo is exactly that: a pleasing design to help you feel better – it does not pretend to be anything else.

What is a pure placebo?

Historically, sugar has often been used as a filler for placebos (placebos also known as sugar-pills). However, sugar is somewhat of an active ingredient, so it can cause problems for people with, for example, diabetes. Fillers in pure placebo capsules are inert—they pass through the body without much interaction.

What is a branded placebo?

Today, brands play a tremendous role in the marketing of products and services. Brands convey meaning that reaches the subconscious. Branded placebos harvest the power of modern marketing to promote well-being. Each Zeebo honest placebo pill was produced by a high-end manufacturer in the US. Zeebo pills come in the Zeebo brand color in light blue and white, with the Zeebo logo printed on the white section of the cap. Zeebo placebo capsules are unique. Zeebo – The Healing Brand.

Does Zeebo work for everyone?

Quite frankly, we cannot predict who will respond to Zeebo. You may want to try Zeebo for yourself- in a safe way. Do not use Zeebo to delay or replace medical treatment. *

The only way to know if you respond to the Zeebo experience is to try it out.

What is special about Zeebo?

Zeebo is a unique solution to promote well-being. We created a branded, honest placebo and combined it with a unique tracking app.

You are in control, because you will

– create your own pill-taking experience that is safe and is grounded in a powerful product and brand design

– track and become aware of how well you respond to the Zeebo experience

How do I take Zeebo?

Before taking Zeebo, make sure it’s safe:

Do not use Zeebo to delay or replace medical treatment.*


Design your Zeebo experience:

  1. Focus on one symptom.
  2. Describe what you expect from taking Zeebo.
  3. Define when to take Zeebo.


Experience Zeebo:

  1. Track the symptom before and after taking Zeebo.
  2. Take Zeebo several times to gather enough information.
  3. Assess your experience with Zeebo and make design changes as needed.
What is in Zeebo capsules?

We use an inert filler called microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). MCC is pure, natural fiber. The design of Zeebo is a key element in your placebo experience, so a very small amount of food colorants (Red #1 and Blue #3) is used to give Zeebo gelatin capsules their perfect look. All ingredients are sourced from and processed by certified manufacturers in the USA.